Nanmen Park

Outdoor Exhibition

Outdoor Landscape & Exhibit of Remains

Outdoor Landscape & Exhibit of Remains********

Park Area Location

Nanmen Park

The lush green garden exhibits mostly the native plants of Taiwan, attracting many creatures to stay and forage, which is a nice leisure place for all ages. The giant camphor tree standing by the 400-Dan Pond is a historical remnant of camphor manufacturing in the Park. The Qilian slate path excavated from the underground during the restoration construction has been reformed into an east-west trail for off-site preservation. At both sides of the trail are groups of coconut trees (Archontophoenix alexandrae) over 90 years old. The northern side of trail is the remains of lab foundation displayed as a historic site bearing witness to the glorious past of the Park.

Outdoor Landscape & Exhibit of Remains
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