Nanmen Park

Permanent Exhibition

Children’s Corner of Nanmen Park: The Sleeping King of Camphor Trees

Children’s Corner of Nanmen Park

Floor 2 of Red House Exhibition Hall Location

Nanmen Park

Adopting interactive methods such as a storybook, interactive games, 3D arts, and a sense game, this exhibition provides family spaces for children to explore the ecosystems of plants and animals. The exhibition space is mainly surrounded by extended 3D arts to create an atmosphere to audiences as if they are in the Kingdom of camphor trees by introducing the ecosystem of camphor trees and the insects such as the Blue Triangle Butterfly, Moricella rufonota, and Trabala vishnoou guttata that rely on the trees. In addition, a customized storybook with the characters of the Kingdom of camphor trees such as Black-billed Magpie, Muller’s Barbet, White-eye, Black Bulbul, and Black-crowned Night Heron leads visitors through the Nanmen park to further explore the relationship between humans and the natural environment.

Children’s Corner of Nanmen Park
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