Land Bank Exhibition Hall

Permanent Exhibition

Story of the Land Bank of Taiwan

 Story of the Land Bank of Taiwan***

Bank Vault, Floor 1 Location

Land Bank Exhibition Hall

The Land Bank Exhibition Hall is an example of architecture as it appeared toward the end of Japanese colonial rule. Most unique here is the space dedicated to the bank vault. The vault was used for the preservation and classification of securities, currency, and important written contracts. In order to meet functional requirements such as effective preservation and safety, due consideration was given to its building material, environmental control features, and fire alarms. The bank vault is like a household safe, but on a walk-in scale–a uniquely constructed edifice that cannot be classified either as commercial space or office building. Today, having been transformed into a museum space, the clarification and interpretation of past history has become an important issue, and the bank vault is the perfect stage on which to present this history. As such, the bank vault has been converted into a permanent exhibition on the history of the Land Bank.

The display covers the origin of the Kangyo Bank during the Japanese colonial period, the post-war establishment of the Land Bank, as well as its historical relationship to the country’s economic development. The primary purpose of this exhibition is to help the public understand how Taiwan moved from traditional banking methods, which involved pawn shops and money lenders, to a more Western-style financial system. A secondary aim is to track changes in politics, finance, land reformation, nation-building efforts, and society in Taiwan, through exploring the history that led to the establishment of the Kangyo Bank and later, the Land Bank.


 Story of the Land Bank of Taiwan
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