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Special Exhibition

Vivid Ancestor Paintings: A Plains Aborigines Exhibition

Vivid Ancestor Paintings

  • 2015/3/24 - 2015/11/1

Floor 1, G101 . Floor 1, G102 Location

National Taiwan Museum

 The “Pingpu Aborigines” (plains aborigines) were once the masters of Taiwan. The term “Pingpu” can be traced to the Qing Dynasty and was used to refer to those aborigines who inhabited the plains areas. During the age of discovery peoples from different places began to arrive in Taiwan and the “plains aborigines” had frequent interactions with different cultures, but still preserved their traditional culture and character. This exhibition is based on important Qing Dynasty records on the plains aborigines (from the 1700s-1800s), including the “Map of Taiwan Under the Reign of Emperor Kang-xi” (hereafter Map of Taiwan under the Reign of Kang-xi Emperor) and “Genre Paintings of Aboriginal Peoples.” Through digital multimedia displays and multimedia reconstructions the exhibition brings visitors back in time, showing how the earliest settlers in Taiwan used to live and the uniqueness of their culture.

Vivid Ancestor Paintings
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