Past Exhibitions

Special Exhibition

Rainbow and Dragonfly: Where the Atayal Clothing Meet the Paiwan Multi-colored Glass Beads

Rainbow and Dragonfly******

  • 2014/9/30 - 2015/3/1

Floor 1, G101 . Floor 1, G102 Location

National Taiwan Museum

The Atayal and the Paiwan, the two major indigenous groups of northern and sourthern Taiwan respectifvely, have long been renowned for their texfiles (the Atoyal )and mulfti-colored gloss beads(the Paiwan). This exhibition brings together contemporary and traditional pieces, complemented by new works from these two artists, and in doing so illustrating the different but otherwise convergent that each indigenous group has taken to find new cultural connections. The exhibition tells the museum coming from the indigenous word, and the indigenous world returning to the museum cultured story formed by indigenous culture, indigenous artists and the museum.

Rainbow and Dragonfly
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