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Service Procedure for Messages
  1. The Secretariat is in charge of numbering, classifying, assigning, compiling and replying these messages, cooperating with related divisions depending on  each individual case.
  2. Based on the following case types, the messages from the Museum visitors should be handled within 30 working days.
    • Simple or emergent matters: immediate reply.
    • Normal suggestions: reply within 6 working days
    • Complex or cross-divisional matters: if a reply cannot be made within 6 working days, a preliminary reply should be made to the addresser about the case progress followed by continued progress tracking and the final reply with an integrated conclusion.
  3. The Museum will ask the addresser to fill out a feedback questionnaire, Satisfaction Survey Form, attached to the reply e-mail, in order to continuously improve the Museum’s service measures.
  4. The message will be declined with one of the following conditions:
    • There is no concrete content, real name or E-mail.
    • The same matter which has already been properly handled and clearly replied is messaged repeatedly.
    • The matter is not within the responsibility of the Museum, which has been messaged by the same addresser to various organizations.


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