Educational Activities
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Educational Activities

Learning Banner The NTM is a place where people can seek enlightenment in modern knowledge. To meet the different needs of students, teachers, families, and individuals, the Museum employs its substantial specimens, images, and academic research resources to create a variety of programs, allowing participants to have a learning experience that is educational and fun in a relaxed atmosphere. Major programs are described on the following pages.

Adult Learners

Regular Activities

Nature Exploration

As outdoor experiential activities, themes of Nature Exploration are divided into natural and historical categories. Accompanied by museum curators and experts, participants can get into the field, historical sites, communities, and villages, engaging in ecological and geological observations and field activity.

DIY Activities


The program is designed to encourage participants’ desire to become self-learners. Through expert assistance, observation, field recording, and peer discussion, this activity can foster participants’ ability to think independently in museum topics.

Museum Lecture Series

Based on special exhibitions and current events, the Museum invites experts and scholars in a variety of fields to give lectures to the public.


Family Holiday Programs Family Holiday Programs

Cuddly Museum

The program consists of hands-on activities targeted at preschoolers and students in the lower grades of primary school, along with their parents. It intended to stimulate participants’ learning and cognitive ability through material assembling inducted by museum volunteers. Works participants make also serve as mementos of their visit to the museum. Held every Saturday and Sunday, the theme is determined by the special exhibition then on display or by the national holiday that falls in the month.

Museum Treasure Hunt

Designed as a family outing for primary school students, museum volunteers lead groups in Sunday afternoons to lean about specimens and molds. Through lectures, games, and treasure hunts, participants gain a thorough understanding of theme of the day that may concern anthropology, zoology, botany, astronomy, or geology.


Programs for Teachers and Museum Professionals

Environmental Classrooms

As a natural historical museum, the NTM dedicates its educational programs to natural and environmental education. This program is designed to tell stories within the Museum’s permanent exhibitions, from which promote climate and environmental awareness. Targeting at primary school students, staffs and museum volunteers use lectures, videos, experiential workshops, and learning sheets to facilitate cultural and environmental learning in museum classrooms and exhibition venues. Courses now included ‘The Little Paleontologists: Walking within Skeletons,’ ‘A Letter across the Sea: Dr. Martin and His little friend,’ ‘Special Recruitment: The Day We Work with Camphor.’

Teacher Workshops

Programs for Teachers and Museum Professionals

To encourage teachers to make effective use of museum resources and use the NTM as a teaching venue, the Museum provides teacher’s workshops, offering instructors the chance to expand their minds. On the one hand, the Museum is promoting its exhibitions and activities, on the other hand, it builds long-term partnerships with communities and schools.


DIY Activity